TERRA NOVA Paving Inc.
TERRA NOVA Paving Inc.

  • Vehicle Rustproofing

    Your annual Rust Authority LS-3 application provides a protective barrier between your vehicle and the harsh elements of nature, and will STOP the corrosion process, even if rust has already begun. 

     The Rust Authority LS-3 is a tested and proven rust preventative coating that contains no solvents or toxic chemicals, providing clean, safe and durable protection from rust and corrosion. .

    The Facts

    • Solvent Free
    • Does not Drip (environmentally friendly)
    • Can be Applied In Any Weather Condition
    • Excellent Adhesion
    • Outstanding Penetration & Creepability
    • Odour Free
    • Thermally Stable
    • Displaces Moisture
    • Excellent performance in salt fog test

    Price List

    all prices will have applicable tax of 13% added

    Terra Nova Paving Inc

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